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We recognise that an automation project doesn’t end on launch day. That’s why we’ve developed the industry’s leading, end-to-end, managed automation platform, to support you through every step of your automation journey.
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For the marathon, not the sprint

Automation is the word on everyone’s lips. There’s a lot of enthusiastic talk about how straightforward it is to press ‘start’ on a bot, and the newly automated process will run on its own without assistance.

But for many businesses, the outputs have yet to live up to the promises. In practice, bots still need management – to make sure they are updated if the process changes, that they’re aligned to business strategy, that they integrate with new software, and so on.

The truth is, bots break. And just like any other business process, if you want to optimise them for maximum productivity, they need to be managed effectively over time. That’s where Capita can help.

Hear from our automation experts
“Automation needs to be done correctly if it’s going to help keep organisations on their feet and deliver value over the long term.”

Steve Gentle, Group Operational Excellence Director at Capita

Putting it into action

apita’s automation delivery service was developed first as part of our own automation journey, when we realised not only that we needed to deploy bots on a massive scale, but also find a simple, scalable way to manage those automated processes across our organisation. You can read more about this journey in our recent blog series.

Our conclusion was that the most productive way to deploy automation is through a managed, cloud-based service. One that puts you on the front foot, helping you spot when bots are likely to break and proactively fix them. And built on a platform that brings all your automation projects into one place – from finance to HR and from marketing to procurement.

Our automation delivery practice

Capita’s managed automation service has been built to make automation simpler and more productive for your business. The unique platform we’ve developed brings together best-of-breed technology providers with Capita’s consulting and delivery expertise, so you can deploy, scale and optimise an automation programme throughout your

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