Intelligent LAN / Wi-Fi solution

Our intelligent LAN / Wi-Fi solutions optimise user experiences by seamlessly connecting devices and people throughout your estate. Software-defined LANs enable centralised, secure network management with proactive monitoring and fault diagnostics.
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Software-defined LANs enable centralised, secure network management with proactive monitoring and fault diagnostics.

Traditionally tiered, organically expanded networks are no longer sufficient to meet business connectivity needs in a competitive and turbulent economy. We believe network intelligence provides the answer: the business-driven evolution of network capabilities and complexity to meet your organisational demand with unprecedented flexibility, scalability and agility.

At Capita we design, deliver, deploy and optimise customers’ access infrastructure from basic break/fix services to fully managed or outsourced LAN and Wi-Fi infrastructure. The LAN access point provides the link to smart building infrastructure and technology such as IoT sensor arrays, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and building management systems. Using Wi-Fi analytics built on Wi-Fi access, you can measure data on employee building usage to facilitate future space planning. Teams can then be located to enhance collaboration, productivity and efficiency.

To achieve the most effective solution for you, we work with key vendors including being Gold Partners to Cisco, Aruba and HP, nurturing partner relationships to ensure top-level partnership accreditations in sales, presales and support.

Software-defined networking has overtaken reactive network design to be key at the heart of LAN design. That way, flexibility, scalability and agility are embedded in your LAN’s DNA.


Our 24/7/365 Tier 1 Service Centres and Tier 2 and 3 Networks Operations Centre (NOC) provide dedicated support from the UK


Organisations we support with services tailored to each customer’s specific requirements to maximise IT infrastructure effectiveness


Stood up IoT tracking of 5,000 key assets in a large NHS trust during the pandemic

How it works

Modern businesses require networks that cater for virtual locations, and different types and scales of workload. Our intelligent LAN solutions provide a step change in management simplicity to enable the rapid change your business needs.

Software-defined architecture is the critical first step on your journey. With our proven software-defined networking expertise, we help you design, build, monitor and manage the transformation, providing significant business benefit including demonstrable savings in both overall TCO and management time. The benefits of our managed services include:

  • Futureproofing your service
  • Ensuring you see a long-term return on your investment
  • Access to highly specialised IT experts to optimise efficiency and infrastructure capability
  • Helping prevent business downtime - saving you money and protecting your brand
  • Technical specifications customised to your business needs
  • Pre-defined SLAs to cover support requirements, maximise business continuity and minimise interruption
  • Agile and fully scalable networking to adapt with your organisation as it evolves
  • Delivery by a dedicated UK-based team

We’ll show you how software-defined networking connects the disparate aspects of your company connectivity, from WAN and cloud to the incorporation of novel infrastructure such as IoT, integrated Wi-Fi, device or people location & tracking, and fully integrated and optimised cloud accessibility. The seamless connection of your networking facilitates the best return on your LAN investment and transforms your network from a passive, reactively managed asset into a proactive digital transformation tool.

Our support services

See the table below for our four base support services and accompanying tailored service options:

Type Offering Parts only Maintenance Monitor Complete care



Parts X X X X
Remote diagnosis*   X X X
Engineer to site   X X X
Remote monitoring     X X
Back up management -   X X X
Service management - O O O X

Communications & network monitoring options
Device / service availabilty monitoring     X X
Device / service performance monitoring     O X

Communications & maintenance options
Configuration management     O X
Failover / resilience testing     O X
Security vulnerability management     O X
Compliance management     O O

O - optional  X - Included as standard
*Remote access will need to be available for remote diagnostics

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