We held our first ever TED event on 12 September, as part of our new partnership.

An impressive lineup of TED speakers gave their perspectives on what the future of work and learning will look like.

In the words of Juliet Blake, Head of TV for TED: “In this hyper-connected, fast-paced world, it’s quite easy to feel depressed about the future.” With so much technology changing the way we live and work in so many ways, so quickly, this is hardly a surprise. However, after being part of an inspiring event, held at the Science Museum, the room was filled with a lot more optimism and just a little bit of anticipation for the future

Five seasoned TED speakers gave five very different insights into how they are thinking about, and transforming, the future for the better. From the future of work to the future of learning and the future of cities, the event revealed some thought-provoking ideas around how technology and data could transform our lives – and in fact, how it’s already doing so, through incredible inventions such as the Litterati and What3Words.

This was Capita’s first ever TED Session and one that marked a new era with the launch of its new brand. As the future becomes more uncertain and technology continues to evolve, we need to find a path through the often-complex links between businesses and their customers, or governments and their citizens. We know that this is going to be even more crucial as we enter the next decade and the pace of change continues to accelerate. The potential for artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics is huge, and so we should start thinking about how people and robots can work alongside each other and reskill our workforce for the jobs of the future.

The skills that serve us today, will not match tomorrow’s world. We need to be curious, innovative and have a mindset of always in ‘beta’. We must think about the challenges ahead and how we turn these into opportunities for progress – but also how we avoid any unintended consequences. And, hearing from five inspirational TED speakers was a perfect way to start doing that.

As our CEO, Jon Lewis, explained, “It’s good to put ourselves in positions where our preconceptions can be challenged… and when you do that, you end up with better decisions, as no one has a monopoly on great ideas”.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more thought-provoking content, inspired from our partnership with TED, including some fascinating insights from a wide range of Capita’s experts on their visions for the future. We hope they challenge your thinking and provoke discussions on what tomorrow’s organisations may become.

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