Ensuring the wellness of your workforce is a top priority for all organisations.

The threat of Covid-19 itself combined with job uncertainty and the enforced social isolation many face has led to a significant spike in mental health issues. And now scientist are claiming the pandemic will have a profound effect on mental wellbeing both now and in the future.

Organisations have a huge role to play in helping to mitigate this risk. At the end of 2019, Capita released its ‘Human to Hybrid’ research, which examined how organisations prioritised the wellbeing of it staff and how effectively organisations are set up to support their employees, especially through periods of change and stress.

The results were clear. Whilst the vast majority of organisations recognise the benefits of supporting wellbeing – including a direct link to productivity and the bottom line – few are fully prepared to deal with the potential effects of the crisis we face today.

  • 88% identify job insecurity as a factor that compromises employee wellbeing
  • 77% identify lack of social contact as a factor that compromises employee wellbeing
  • 49% do not offer any access to support, advisory or counselling services
  • Only 26% feel managers are very well equipped to identify early warning signs of poor mental health.

In this whitepaper ‘Wellness in the time of Covid-19’, we identify the key factors impacting wellbeing and look at three different strategies that can help mitigate these risks and – more importantly – that businesses can apply quickly and easily, to have an immediate and positive effect on your workforce.

Thinking about your organisation?