Key Facts:

  • 140 specialist hires
  • 100% of hiring requirements filled
  • Quality of hire has exceeded client expectations

Capita successfully supported a small in-house team, which was already stretched to capacity, to cope with peaks in demand in the hiring of niche skills sets.

The Challenge

Capita was contacted by an independent non-ministerial department to support with the recruitment of over 90 specialist roles within challenging timescales. The client required a fully staffed function to take on new hires, made all the more challenging against a backdrop of a major organisation merger and re-brand.

Where previous recruitment activity had generated poor results in terms of placements, Capita needed to ensure the team had significant experience of managing recruitment campaigns and running internal recruitment exercises, as well as providing a first class candidate experience and service that could ‘flex’ in line with, as well as pre-empt, client requirements.

There was also a requirement from the client to increase the diversity of applicant pools and subsequent placements.

Roles ranged from niche vacancies within digital forensics and econometrics and regulatory specialists such as economists and lawyers, to the more traditional head office roles in finance, HR and communications.

As part of Capita’s appointment, it was also tasked to raise awareness of the employer and communicate the re-brand effectively to all candidates by bringing a new employer brand to market.

The Solution

The recruitment team invested significant time in understanding both the client and the specific barriers to fulfilling these roles – namely high competition for skills, challenging timescales, improving the diversity of applicant pools and education to candidates around the merger. Capita worked transparently and cohesively with the client to develop an employee value proposition (EVP), which would not only raise the profile of the organisation with candidates, but make it easier for the recruitment team to ‘sell in’ available opportunities.

Capita worked with the client to refine and improve person specifications and job descriptions. This ensured that candidates gained a realistic idea of what was required for success in each role and provided an in-depth understanding of the specialist skills needed.

A targeted attraction strategy was developed that combined advertising via a range of specialist media combined with search and networking activity. The strategy included a presence across social media channels and opportunities promoted to relevant online professional networks and forums. A network of national and community-based groups and societies was also used to circulate attraction messages to a diverse audience.

Analytics tools were used to monitor the performance of attraction channels, and return on investment was effectively measured with data providing insight to significantly reduce media cost per hire on an ongoing basis.

To alleviate pressure on Directors, a sifting service was set-up to undertake the initial scoring of applications for high volume posts. Assessment processes were then designed and implemented, tailored to individual roles or specialisms, which resulted in only the highest quality candidates progressing to the later stages of the recruitment process and creating space for the client to focus on strategic priorities.

The Results

Though an effective mix of low cost attraction, social media strategies and direct sourcing, Capita succeeded in recruiting 140 hires for the client across a wide range of specialisms within challenging target timescales – higher than the number of initial requirements.

Key to Capita’s success was the ability to quickly and efficiently mobilise flexible additional resource to support recruitment objectives, whilst providing added value through the provision of robust management information, Market Intelligence (MI), EVP development, and our approach to ensuring diversity.

Networking and social media exploration together with promoting the brand raised the profile of the new organisation and candidates from commercial sectors were appointed within the restricted pay grading. Feedback from hiring managers to date is that the quality of hire has exceeded expectations, delivered through the right balance of knowledge, experience and a dedicated team of resourcing professionals.

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