Key Facts:

  • 640 people in 43 countries assessed
  • 30% of respondents completed the survey
  • 35,500 data points collected

The Strategic Resourcing Assessment (SRA) is a ‘deep dive’ automated diagnostic tool that enables Capita to provide its clients with a detailed analysis of the conflicting strategic influences within a business, together with the impact of those influences on service delivery and the resourcing function’s ability to respond.

The challenge

When Capita was contacted by the head of talent at a multinational engineering and information technology company to help with the transformation of its resourcing function, it was clear that the necessary change could be supported by deploying the SRA after it had proved highly successful in refocusing Capita’s internal resourcing strategy.

The client needed visibility of resourcing performance globally and required an evidencebased methodology to set the direction for how future transformation should be prioritised and measured.

The SRA provided the ideal mechanism to help the client to see the strategic ‘big picture’ whilst laying the foundation for improved levels of recruitment service delivery in the areas most critical to the wider talent strategy.

However, the challenge lay in the size and scale of the project. While an initial conversation identified 110 -120 people to take part in the survey, the scope of participants had increased further into the process to 640 people across 43 countries.

With the data group expanding and the client asking for targeted focus around specific resourcing questions, it became clear that the tool would need to be tailored in order to provide the required insight to inform future resourcing strategy.

The solution

The SRA placed an analytical magnifying glass over the client’s resourcing function. Using qualitative and quantitative diagnosis, it built an incisive and measureable picture of the maturity of the resourcing function by comparing both the resourcing and business stakeholders’ perceptions of current performance alongside aspirations for the development of its future capability.

Capita and the client mutually agreed the demographics, format and question bank for the survey, and customised the tool to include new questions associated with the role of the hiring manager - an area of particular interest for the business.

A bespoke reporting engine was built to allow the raw data to be sorted by different factors – such as location and job title. This enabled the responses to be scrutinised at a granular level, revealing hidden insights in the data that could be used to inform strategic decision making.

Additional support was provided in terms of:

  • Rigorous testing processes
  • Refining the user experience
  • Advising on an internal communications strategy

The views of HR and resourcing leaders were collected, as well as key operational stakeholders within the wider business, through a series of 60 questions across interconnected areas related to resourcing.

Once the survey was complete, it was possible to effectively demonstrate to the business the gaps in perception from levels of employees and different stakeholder groups across the business, to identify, recommend and plan for areas of improvement.

The results

The response rate of people invited to complete the SRA was 30 per cent – well above the average for online surveys – and 35,500 data points were entered into the reporting engine, allowing for real-time reporting globally.

The data and commentary collected was presented as a 20-page report, outlining Capita’s recommendations alongside an action plan detailing how to prioritise the biggest challenges and address the perception gaps revealed.

The SRA empowered resourcing leaders to set aspirational targets, informed strategic planning and provides ongoing metrics to measure future change. Equipped with the reporting engine, resourcing was able to analyse this data to reveal new insights which helped to obtain senior stakeholder buy-in for resourcing initiatives.

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