Management Today: The Future of Work

Reinventing the Workforce

The workforce has had to adapt like never before and continues to do so. Technology has enabled us to work remotely and for businesses to have the tools to still turn a profit. Virtual drinks have replaced monthly quiz nights. How you connect with your colleagues and staff has been turned on its head. As we go into the future, how should you manage disparate teams, foster belonging and embrace new opportunities?

The third of Management Today’s Future of Work series, Reinventing the Workforce, is the platform to hear from a range of leaders about what powers your organisation to success - the people and your culture. The workplace has changed significantly over the past 12 months with office workers having to be based from home, profits slashed, redundancies and restructuring. Through all of the uncertainty, the management of your staff is critical. Greater staff happiness and support will lead to stronger business results.

Capita speaker:

Stephen Scott - Divisional Growth Director, Workforce Services Overheads, is presenting the following session:

The great opportunity: is this the moment to reinvent work? (10:40-11:10 | 12 May 2021)

The pandemic has forced us to reassess the way we do things and, as we begin to think about recovery rather than survival, there is a real opportunity for business to perform a hard reset and look again at every aspect of their organisation.

This session will cover:

  • How can you re-mould the concept of work to suit you better and to increase your productivity?
  • How can this strategy strengthen and develop your workforce?
  • What are the first steps you should take to reinvent 'work' within your organisation?
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