Critical communication systems

Capita is delivering secure, resilient, multi-channel solutions so organisations can keep in touch with crucial team members and improve outcomes.
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Keeping vital services operational with proven, reliable platforms 

When you’re running a critical service, such as a hospital or a train line, you need to be able to communicate quickly, securely and in as many ways as possible.

Our PageOne paging network ensures messages reach the right people, at the right time, and our clients include the British Army and EDF Energy. The CommsWorks platform integrates next-gen voice and data communications, while DSX ICCS provides remote access to everything from intercoms to two-way radios.

Our 999Eye software allows callers to live-stream footage of incidents to call handlers so they can deploy the best resources to assist. When using 999Eye, the West Midlands Fire Service has increased the size of its response at 10% of call-outs.

Our critical communications services constantly evolve to make organisations ever more reactive.


by the Army, South Western Railway and the Scottish Ambulance Service


of call-outs scaled up by West Midlands Fire Service when using 999Eye

Critical communication systems solutions


Alerting and communications

Combine our paging network, mobile network fallback and a dual frequency paging device for the highest levels of communications resilience. Our Dual-Frequency and GSM-Fall-back Paging services are also now available for acknowledge & response paging.

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Control rooms

Time is always of the essence in a control room. Our command, control and communications systems are providing operators with key instant information to get the right resources to the right place, fast.

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Communication apps

PageOne’s new responder smartphone app is the simple, dependable way to make sure important messages and alerts reach the right people, at the right time, wherever you are and wherever they are.

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Integrated communications

The DS3000 voice and data communications hub is trusted to meet the critical needs of emergency service call-handling and dispatch across the UK. Where security and resilience in communications can mean the difference between life and death.

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Emergency response systems

Our solutions feed live incident footage and caller GPS location to the control room, ensuring better understanding of emergency calls and faster, more objective decision making and response.

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