Capita supports UK trial of privacy-first contact tracing app

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Capita today announces it is supporting the UK’s first trial of StaySafe Diary, a privacy-first contact tracing app based on an award-winning app which has proved widely successful in New Zealand.

StaySafe Diary will enable customers, suppliers and staff to check in and out of businesses – such as shops, pubs and restaurants – by scanning a QR code whenever they visit the premises, but without ever having to share their personal details. Should there be any risk that they have been exposed to Covid-19 during a particular visit, their phone will receive an alert. They will then be asked to volunteer their information to NHS Test and Trace. This will help businesses fulfil their obligations to the UK’s Test and Trace initiative while also complying with GDPR law.

The QR code removes the need for someone signing in physically at a business premises, speeding up the process and, at the same time, reducing the risk to customers and staff of possible infection. As it doesn’t rely on personal information, the app also reduces the risk of data being lost or inaccurately recorded by businesses.

Users do not share any personal data with StaySafe Diary and their check-in data, unlike other contact tracing apps, only comprises the QR code reference along with the date and time of their visit. This data remains entirely on their mobile phones.

The app is now available for businesses, customers, suppliers and staff to use across the UK. The trial aims to have signed up 1,000 businesses by the end of August.

Businesses can sign up to trial the app for free by registering their interest at Customers can download the app via Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Businesses that sign up are issued with a bespoke QR code to display at each entrance for customers, suppliers and staff, to check in and out with.

StaySafe Diary is based on New Zealand digital agency Paperkite’s original Rippl app which was developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and designed to guarantee user privacy.

Rippl was awarded the Privacy Trust Mark award in New Zealand and it is currently being used by over 1,900 businesses and tens of thousands of New Zealanders. It continues to play a key role in the country’s world-leading test and trace system which has helped the nation effectively eliminate the virus.

Ismail Amla, Chief Growth Officer, Capita, said: “StaySafe Diary is a leading contact tracing app that could play a significant role in managing the continuing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and returning the UK economy to normal. The app has been developed using a privacy-first approach, ensuring that a user’s personal information
remains private.

“We are delighted to be working with PaperKite, to use our technical expertise and reach to scale the adoption of StaySafe Diary among UK businesses. It will help shops, pubs, restaurants and other businesses to help mitigate the risks of Covid-19 to their customers, suppliers and staff.”