Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Senior management teams increasingly demand tangible results from their people-related functions. So maximise the organisational impact of your talent acquisition by utilising our techniques and expertise. It’s our belief that resourcing departments should have a trusted advisory role within businesses – shaping recruitment strategy and driving organisational success.

We work with you to design and implement leading-edge, future-proof recruitment strategies for permanent employees. We know you expect nothing less than immaculate recruitment solutions that are tailored to your needs. Trust our flexible outsourced, co-sourced and modular service solutions to deliver.

We start by assessing the performance, maturity and capacity of your existing resourcing function. Then we work with you to move beyond the transactional recruiting approach to a point where your recruitment activities align precisely with wider talent strategies and corporate goals. This change will bring the impact you seek.

Cost Impact

Achieve significant improvements in cost per hire and time to hire - through our advanced direct sourcing techniques coupled with technology, automation and streamlined, centralised processes. We combine historic metrics with market mapping and competitor intelligence to drive continuous improvement, whilst our approach to assessment and selection drives measurable improvements in quality of hire.

Business Impact

Our real-time metrics enhance demand planning and forecasting. Meanwhile, your attraction, sourcing and retention capabilities are strengthened through the development of talent pools, internal hiring, employer brand building within your relevant target markets, and an enhanced candidate experience. Incremental time-to-hire reductions can be achieved and new hire attrition rates lowered. Quality-of-hire initiatives are improved by linking metrics to new recruits’ performance.

Strategic Impact

Through pattern-spotting predictive metrics, you can form a view of future workforce composition, capabilities and behaviours. This ensures your resourcing strategy is aligned with overall business needs and goals. Talent acquisition can be fully integrated with talent management, learning and development and workforce planning. An enterprise-wide solution can be developed to incorporate all facets of resourcing.

Our services include:

  • Full-cycle RPO
  • Partial-cycle RPO
  • Co-sourcing
  • Project and volume recruitment
  • Modular services
  • Emerging talent

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